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Cratex Sticks - Round

Cratex Sticks - Round|escape
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Round Cratex Sticks Round Cratex Sticks

Cratex is a rubber-bonded abrasive impregnated with silicon carbide particles and is available in the following grits:

       (C) Coarse             (Green)        
     (M)  Medium        (Dark Brown)     
        (F) Fine          (Reddish Brown)   
 (XF)  Extra –Fine       (Grey Green)   


Diameter x Length
3/16" Round x 6"
Round 1/4" Round x 6"
5/16" Round x 6"
3/8" Round x 6"
1/2" Round x 6"
5/8" Round x 6"
3/4" Round x 6"
1"Round x 6"

These Cratex Sticks are sold by the piece. When a variety is desired, see the Cratex Kits.
Please note: Cratex Sticks are available in other sizes, please call for price and availability.

Please select size code and grit listed below

SKU 036C
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $6.03

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