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Diamond Grinding Wheel 11A2

Diamond Grinding Wheel 11A2|escape
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11A2 Diamond Wheel 11A2 Diamond Wheel

These diamond wheels are used on Deckel (also Kuhlmann or Alexander) tool & cutter grinders when grinding carbide. Type 11A2 wheels have the diamond segment across the front face of the wheel. Wheels range in grits, from 60 thru 800. 

Dimensions: 3.5"dia. x 1.3" x 20mm hole
Diamond grit  D= specify *
Diamond concentration  N= 100
Diamond thickness  B= 1/8"
Diamond width  W= 3/8"

Dimensions: 4"dia. x 1.25" x 20mm hole
Diamond grit  D= specify *
Diamond concentration  N= 100
Diamond thickness  B= 1/8"
Diamond width  W= 1/2"

*  Stocked diamond grits:
  150   Roughing
  220   Standard
  320   Fine
  400   Fine
  600   Extra Fine
  800   Super Fine
Non-stock grit wheels are made-to-order with a three week lead time.

Example of specifications shown on wheel:
11A2  D220 N100 B1/8

Please select wheel diameter and diamond grit below.

Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $195.00


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