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Filter / Regulator / Lubricator Unit

Filter / Regulator / Lubricator Unit|escape
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A Filter/Regulator/Lubricator unit is essential for minimizing tool maintenance and extending tool life. 1/4" Unit listed is recommended for individual ait tool installations.

Includes an 8oz bottle of oil (Part #AA10479)

Technical Information:
• Flow Capacity: ~ 36.0 scfm (17.0 dm³/s)
• Max. Operating Temperture: 175° F (52° C)
• Max. Supply Pressure:  150 psig (10 bar)
• Useful Rentention     Filter:     0.5 oz. (15,4 cm³)
• Useful Rentention     Oiler:     1 oz. (30 cm³)
• Overall Dimensions: ~ 4.6" H x 16.2" W x 3"D

UPC 742889946481
Price: $121.90


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