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Marathon ECO450 Series Micromotor Accessories

Marathon ECO450 Series Micromotor Accessories|escape
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Ideal for high speed applications up to ~ 40,000rpms.
Powerful torque and continuously variable speed control.
Handpiece generates no heat even after long hours of operation due to the efficient electrical design.
Counter or clockwise rotation - direction and speed are adjusted from the control unit.
Place control unit flat or upright on bench.
Built-in Handpiece cradle.
Foot pedal for variable speed control
Easily portable - plug in any 115 volt AC outlet.
Compact and Ergonomic design
Automatic circuit stops motor in the event of an
  overload. Red light turns on with audible sound.

Equipment available for seperate purchase:
Control Unit (Marathon-SDE-ECO-450)
   DC30V / 1.2A, 4.5"W x 5.8"D x 3.8"H, 3.5 lbs.
Motor Handpiece,  0~40,000rpms. (SDE-SH37LN)
   5/8"dia. at grip, 1" dia. at back motor end, 7.3 oz.
   with Collet (your Choice), Wrench set and cord.
Variable Speed Foot Control (SDE-FS60)
1/8" diameter Collet (DC32)
3.0mm Collet (DC30)
3/32" Collet (DC24)

Complete system and Reducing sleeves also available.

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