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2 Position Tool Holder

2 Position Tool Holder|escape
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Engineering Concepts 2 Tool Holder

This 2 position tool holder is slightly wider than the single position with a compact area for two operations. Gives ability to ID bore and OD turn without reversing spindle. Use a split point drill first then bore 2nd without need of a center drill.

Differential spacing of the holes in each holder allow different tool configurations for narrow and wide spaced tools on one block. An end stop mounted to the table provides repeatable location of the tool block for quick changeover of setups.

Order # Description A B C   D
TBS-2354 3/8 Center, 5/8 Bore 0.625 0.375 1.25 2.2
TBS-2454 1/2 Center, 5/8 Bore 0.625 0.500 1.25  2.2
GTH-2204 1/2 Center, 3/4 Bore 0.750 0.500 1.25 2.2
TBS-2420 12mm Center, 20mm Bore 20mm 12mm 32mm 56mm
TBS-2664 3/4 Center, 3/4 Bore 0.750 0.750 1.25  2.2
TBS-2620 19mm Center, 20mm Bore 20mm 19mm 32mm 56mm
TBS-2684 3/4 Center, 1.0 Bore 1.000 0.750 1.50 2.75

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SKU TBS-2354
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $157.00

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