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Abrasive Cone Points

Abrasive Cone Points|escape
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Abrasive Cone Points used for finishing, deburring and polishing of metal, plastic and composits. Made of aluminum-oxide abrasive resin bonded in unique shapes provide accessibility to many difficult to reach areas. Sizes A1, B2, C3, D4 and K11 are normal stock items. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks delivery on other sizes. Use cone point mandrels to mount these points; match up the size code with the corrosponding mandrel.

Cone Points are sold in 100 piece packages.

Cone Point Dimensions
Diameter x length x degree
Size Code
Order #
5/16"dia. x 1" x 5
5/16"dia. x 1" x 5
3/8"dia. x 2" x 5 C3
5/16"dia. x 2" x 5
1/2"dia. x 1" x 15 E5
5/8"dia. x 1" x 18 F6
3/4"dia. x 1" x 22 G7
1"dia. x 1" x 30 H8
3/4"dia. x 2" x 9 I9
3/16"dia. x 1" x 2 K11

Please select size code, and grit from drop down menu below:

Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $64.00

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