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Cratex Shaped Wheels have a tapered edge which makes them exceptionally versatile for fine work on small and delicate parts ... ideal for polishing, cleaning out and finishing decorative and intricate designs.

Cratex Small Straight Wheels can be mounted on conventional portable rotary tools and used on a broad list of deburring, smoothing, and polishing applications.  They can be used on countless operations requiring absolute control of metal removal such as in micro-deburring, relieving stress concentration areas and polishing away fatigue lines, scratches and other surface defects.  Ideal for work on dies, molds, instruments, control mechanisms, electronic parts, jewelry, aerospace components, plastics articles, light castings, models, and super sensitive scientific devices.

Available in four standard grit textures:

   (C) Coarse              (M)  Medium                (F) Fine               (XF)  Extra –Fine  
     (Green)               (Dark Brown)          (Reddish Brown)           (Grey Green)    

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Cratex Wheels

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