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The NSK MA spindle series is a modular designed system based on a separate air motor, assembled together with any one of an assortment of front-end spindles, both straight and 90 angled, and an optional reduction gear. They make up the most popular series of live tooling spindles for use with a host of gang tool style lathes - Haas, SNK, OmniTurn, Daewoo, Kia, Cubic, Hardinge, etc. Incorporating the MA series spindles on existing machine can eliminate otherwise costly secondary operations, reduce part cycle times, and allow finished parts to be dropped off. A wide selection of available collet sizes, along with saw mandrel adapters, grind stone arbors, and Jacobs drill chuck adapters allow the MA series live spindles a truly perform a wide range of operations - grinding, drilling, milling, slitting, chamfering, and deburring. The MA series air spindles require oiled lubrication for proper operation and are designed for long continuous hours of operations. The spindle housings are made of rigid stainless steel (SUS416), and can be used in conjunction with water as well as oil based coolants. The motors come supplied with air intake and exhaust hoses. Five different motors are available 30,000rpm (57Watt), 30,000rpm torque (108W), 58,000rpm (76W) all with 0.897(22.8mm) outer diameters 24,000rpm (130W) with 0.98(25mm) or 1.0(25.4mm) outer diameters, and 19,000rpm (130W) with a 1.18(30mm) diameter bodies. Select the motor/spindle diameters most suitable to your application. For slower speed applications, a speed reducer/torque multiplier can be added to obtain the desired speed range.

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MA Series Modular Air Motors, Spindles , & Components

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