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Marathon Miniature Reducing Sleeves

Marathon Miniature Reducing Sleeves|escape
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These miniature reducing sleeves fit into standard collets reducing the inside diameter to fit desired tool shank sizes. Sleeve length is 0.85".

Common Inch Sizes:
1.6mm = 1/16"
2.4mm = 3/32"
3.2mm = 1/8" 
Order # Sleeve O.D. - I.D.
RM2416 2.4 - 1.6mm
RM3004 3.0 - 0.4mm
RM3005 3.0 - 0.5mm
RM3006 3.0 - 0.6mm
RM3008 3.0 - 0.8mm
RM3010 3.0 - 1.0mm
RM3012 3.0 - 1.2mm
RM3014 3.0 - 1.4mm
RM3016 3.0 - 1.6mm
RM3018 3.0 - 1.8mm
RM3020 3.0 - 2.0mm
RM3024 3.0 - 2.4mm
RM3216 3.2 - 1.6mm
RM3224 3.2 - 2.4mm

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SKU RM2416
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $15.50

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