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Introducing NSK's newest line of precision high-speed spindles for virtually all types of CNC machining centers. The iSpeed5 series is truly unique, allowing for lights-out unattended machining using modified electrically-driven, brushless DC motor spindles.

The iSpeed5 series spindles are fully tool changeable, allowing now for hands-free, fully auto-tool-change capability. These spindles will fit into most any ATC rack or carousel transforming any CNC machining into a high speed machining center.

There is no wear on the main machine spindle when operating these high speed spindles. High speed machining is ideal for small diameter drilling and milling.

The iSpeed5 spindle System consists of the motor spindle, the positioning stop block, an air pressure switch for the air cooling, and the spindle control unit. Power, air and control signals are provided to spindle when engaged to the innovative electromechanical stop block that attaches to your machine head stock. Options are for a 60,000 rpm or 80,000 rpm motor, 350 Watt maximum output power. Collet capacities are 1/4" diameter (60K) and 4.0mm (80K).

A handy pendant controller allows the option for convenient location of the spindle controls. Spindle tapers available for BT30, BT40, BT50, Cat40, Cat50, HSK63A, and HSK100A machines.

The iSpeed5 spindle system is not cheap. For those for whom continuous, unattended high speed machining is a necessity, the iSpeed5 spindles will meet that need.

NEW iSpeed5 ATC Spindle

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