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Norton Abrasives Wet/Dry Paper Sheets

Norton Abrasives Wet/Dry Paper Sheets|escape
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Full size (9" x 11") paper sheets coated with silicon carbide (S/C) grain are ideal for wet/dry metal finishing applications. Available in four types of paper backing based on grit. Please note: NEW T214 Waterproof Sheets are not stocked - delivery 7-10 days.
  • Tufbak T461 Waterproof Sheets (60 180 grits) with strong, C-weight waterproof paper backing for more aggressive applications.

  • Black-Ice T214 Waterproof Sheets (220 800 grits) with a premium, ultra-fine heat treated P-Graded A/O abrasive on an High Strength B-weight backing for the ultimate finish and flexibility in wet applications.
  • Blue-Bak T414 Waterproof Sheets (220 600 grits) for exceptional finishes with an extremely flexible B-weight waterproof paper backing.
  • Black-Ice T401 Waterproof Sheets (1000 2500 grits) with a premium, ultra-fine S/C abrasive on an B-weight backing for the ultimate finish and flexibility in wet applications.

Order #   Paper Type  Grit
N01175 T461 60-C
N01170 T461 80-C
N01165 T461 100-C
N01160 T461 120-C
N01150 T461 180-C
T214 220-B
N39367 T414 220-B
T214 320-B
N39364 T414 320-B
T214 400-B
N39362 T414 400-B
T214 500-B
N39361 T414 500-B
T214 600-B
N39360 T414 600-B
T214 800-B
N39381 T401 1000-B
N39380 T401 1200-B
N39379 T401 1500-B
N39378 T401 2000-B
N39377 T401 2500-B

Sold in packs of 50 sheets.

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SKU N01175
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Price: $126.50

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