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NSK Air Bearing Spindle - 160,000 rpm

NSK Air Bearing Spindle - 160,000 rpm|escape
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The use of an air bearing and high precision collet makes this NSK spindle perfect for ultra-precision machining applications.  The air bearing mechanism means this spindle produces extremely low vibration or heat.

Speed:  160,000 rpm
Shape:  Straight
Diameter:  1.57" (40 mm)
Rotating Direction:  FWD. (CW)
Max. Output:  14W
Weight:  2 Lb 0.1 oz.

Proper Air Pressure for Air Turbine:  42~71PSI
Air Consumption for Air Turbine:  3.53CFM (71PSI)
Proper Air Pressure for Air Bearing:  71PSI
Air Consumption for Air Bearing:  1.41CFM (71PSI)
Spindle Accuracy:  Within 1 μm
Bearing Load Capacity - Radial: Less than 6N (71PSI),
Thrust: Less than 6N (71PSI)
Length of Motor Hose:  6 ft Standard
Hose Diameter : Air Intake Bearing - 6.0 mm (O.D.)
Standard Size Collet Chuck (CH6-3.175):  1/8"
Useable Max. Diameter of Grindstone:  0.16"

Included Equipment:
Collet Chuck 1/8" (CH6-3.175): 1 pc.
Wrench (7 x 5.1): 1 pc.
Intake Air Hose (K-215): 6 mm x 6 ft., 1 pc.
Intake Air Hose (K-254): 6 mm x 6 ft., 1 pc.
Bar Wrench (K-212): 1 pc.
 Allen Wrench (2.5mm)

< Optional >
Collet Chuck (CH6-[][]):  3.0 mm, 1/8"

SKU ABS-1600


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