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NSK Air Bearing Spindle - 80,000 rpm

NSK Air Bearing Spindle - 80,000 rpm|escape
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NRA-5080 Air Bearing Spindle

The NSK E800Z air bearing spindle incorporates an air pressure bearing that floats the spindle resulting in almost no vibration and extremely high accuracy for extremely high precision machining.  Air line kit AL-982 is recommended for the air supply system.

Allowable Motor Speed:  80,000 rpm
Spindle Accuracy:  Within 1 m
Standard Size Collet Chuck (CHA-3.175):  1/8"
Air Bearing Consumption: 1.41CFM/min (71PSI)
Weight: 2 lb. 1.86 oz.
NSK Catalog Number: ASE9058

Included Equipment
Collet Chuck 1/8" (CHA-3.175)
Chuck Nut (K-263)
Air Hose: 4 mm
Wrench (10 x 10): 2 pcs.
Bar Wrench (K-236): 1 pc.

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