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NSK AMX Series Air Motor Spindle

NSK AMX Series Air Motor Spindle|escape
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AMX Series Examples AMX Series Examples AMX-50  Flange Type BH Type Hose Cinfiguration
AMX-50 Torque-Speed Chart AMX-50 1/1 Ratio Straight Body AMX-50 1/1 Ratio Flange Type AMX-50 1/3 Ratio Straight Body
AMX-50 1/3 Ratio Flange Type AMX-50 1/9 Ratio Straight Body AMX-50 1/9 Ratio Flange Type

The AMX Series uses a vane type air motor coupled with an integral geared speed reducer/torque multiplier and high precision spindle in a single space saving body. This small body spindle series is cabable of delivering hich speeds or high torque. It is available in 3 diameters, 1.97"(50mm), 2.56"(65mm), 3.15"(80mm) and 3 motor/reducer configurations, 1/1, 1/3, 1/9 for a total of 24 different types to choose from. There are also different body styles, air configurations and mounting styles, making the application possibilities almost limitless. These spindles are ideal for high-precision milling, drilling, slitting and grinding. Please use air line kit AL-0304 or AL-951 with these motor/spindles.

BH Type Hose Configuration. The AMX series is equipped with a rear air intake and remote exhaust configuration. (see drawing)

3 Types of Motor/Spindle bodies to choose from:
AMX-Straight Body Standard Type. The outside body is made from precision ground, Stainless Steel SUS416.
AMXL-Straight Body Light Type. The outside body is made from precision ground Aluminum to make it lightweight and perfect for robotic applications.
AMXF-Flange Mounting Type. The body is made from precision ground Stainless Steel SUS416 and incorporates a flange for easy 2 bolt mounting.

3 Motor/Reducer configurations.
1/1 Ratio: 12,400 min. rpm.  (27 cN-m)
1/3 Ratio: 4,500 min. rpm.  (110 cN-m)
1/9 Ratio: 1,500 min. rpm.  (310 cN-m)

Specifications AMX-50
Speed:  1,500 - 12,400 min. rpm.
Max. Output Power: 115W
Outside Diameter:  1.97" (50mm)
Proper Air Pressure: 42-71PSI
Spindle Accuracy: within 1m.
Hose Diameter:  Intake Air 6.0 mm (O.D.) - 6 ft.,

Included Equipment
Intake Air Hose: (K-215) 6mm x 6ft.
Exhaust Air Hose: (K-256) 8mm x 3.94".
Chuck Nut (K-256): 1 pc.
Filter Joint (FJ-01)
Wrench (12 x 14): 2 pc. each

Optional Equipment
Collet CHK (0.5mm - 6.35mm).

Please select body type and speed ratio below:

SKU AS2621
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Body Type
Speed Ratio

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