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NSK Nakanishi Grindstone Flange

NSK Nakanishi Grindstone Flange|escape
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Grindstone Arbor

Grindstone Flange for right hand (CW) rotation only.
Applicable Grindstone Dimensions:
19.05 (ID) x 40 (OD) x 7 (W) mm

NGF2-19 Grindstone Flange.
    Fit to: NR-311

EGF-19 Grindstone Flange.
    Fit to:  NR-403E, NR-453E, NR-3060S, EMS-3041, EMS-3045, EMS-3052, EMS-3060K,  PMS-3020K, PS23, PSA25, PSA30, PSA35.

Unmounted Vitrified Grindstone for Internal Grinding
Available in Diamond or CBN in following dimensions:
0.20" (ID) x 0.55" (OD) x 0.24" (W)
0.20" (ID) x 0.63" (OD) x 0.24" (W)
0.20" (ID) x 0.79" (OD) x 0.24" (W)
(see chart)

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