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NSK Nakanishi AL-H1207F AL0306 Rotus Air Line Kit

NSK Nakanishi AL-H1207F AL0306 Rotus Air Line Kit |escape
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AL-H1207F Air Line Kit

The AL-H1207F ensures a smooth operation and long tool life by supplying stable, conditioned air to the air motor. Three functions: Air filter, regulator, mist lubricator can also be used to adjust motor speed. Lubricator is specially designed to supply oil to the air motor and spindle. Smart design for setting on floor or wall.

For use with the following NSK Tools:
Nakanishi ROTUS System
This Air Line Kit is designed for use with the AFC-45 Foot Control (AF10045)

Included in Air Line Kit:
Air Filter - filter mesh 0.5 m
Air Regulator
Air Pressure Gauge
Air Control Valve (CV-05)
Hose for piping (K-275):  6 ft
Lubrication Oil (K-211)
for use with 6mm hose.

UPC 742889946450


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