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NSK Nakanishi IM300 Rotus Air Motor (with Chip Air Blower)

NSK Nakanishi IM300 Rotus Air Motor (with Chip Air Blower)|escape
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This NSK Air Motor for the Rotus system  is assembled with micron precision between the vanes and the internal surface of the cylinder to achieve high torque.  This high performance air motor with minimal power loss from load fluctuation has excellent performance in its grinding stability.  Moreover, the NSK motor with minimal air consumption runs quietly and the energy-saving mechanism makes it possible to operate with a 1 hp (0.75KW) air compressor.
NSK Air Motor IM-300 with Chip Air mechanism blows away the cutting dust with clean air coming through the top end of the attachment.  The hand-held cutting work remains cool by the chip air allowing comfort throughout the working process. (This is only with the attachment IH-300)
Speed Range:  3,000~30,000 rpm
NSK Catalog Number:  RO10163A

Included Equipment:
Hose (K-207): 6 ft.
Silencer (K-209)
Pin Wrenck (K-233)

SKU IM-300
UPC 742889947723


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