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NSK Nakanishi NR-403E Spindle - 40,000rpm

NSK Nakanishi NR-403E Spindle - 40,000rpm|escape
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This NSK Spindle can be used for small-diameter milling, drilling, slitting, chamfering, grinding, etc.  The external housing is made of stainless(SUS416).  It is designed to withstand the pressure of machine attachment.

Allowable Motor Speed:  40,000 rpm
Spindle Accuracy:  Within 1 m
 Standard Size Collet Chuck (CHK-3.175):  1/8"
Weight: 15.52 oz. 
NSK Catalog Number: ASE1514 (Formerly NR-402E)

Included Equipment:
Collet Chuck 1/8" (CHK-3.175)
Chuck Nut (K-265): 1 pc.
Wrench (12 x 14): 2 pcs., (22 x 27): 1 pc.

Optional Equipment:
Collet Chuck (CHK-[][]):  0.5 mm~6.0 mm in 0.1 mm increments and 2.35mm, 1/8", 1/4"
Chuck Nut (K-265):  For Collet Chuck (CHK)
Metal Saw Arbor (KCH-03):  For 0.24" (I.D.) x 1.18" (O.D.)
 Drill Chuck Arbor (DCH-J0K):  For Jacob's Taper No. 0
 Grindstone Arbor (AGM-03):  For grinding wheel with I.D. of 5mm
 Grindstone Flange (EGF-19):  19.05 (I.D.) x 40 (O.D.) x 7 (W) mm

UPC 742889946047


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