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NSK Nakanishi RAX-271E Spindle - 90 Angle

NSK Nakanishi RAX-271E Spindle - 90 Angle|escape
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This 90Angle Spindle is assembled with high precision angular ball bearings 2 each on front and rear sides to obtain high accuracy and strong rigidity and is capable of using up to a 1/4"(6.35 mm) collet chuck.

Maximum allowable motor speed for the spindle: 30,000 rpm
Maximum rotating speed at the cutting tool:
   RAX-271E <Reduction Ratio: 1/1.5> 20,000 rpm
   RAX-71E   <Reduction Ratio: 1/6>      5,000 rpm
Spindle Accuracy: Within 3 μm
Standard Size Collet Chuck (CHK-3.175): 1/8"
Weight: 1 lb. 4.46 oz.
NSK Catalog Number: ASE1579
    (formerly RAX-270E)

Standard Equipment:
Collet Chuck 1/8" (CHK-3.175) : 1 pc.
Chuck Nut (K-265) : 1 pc.
Wrench (12 x 14) : 2 pcs., (22 x 27) : 1 pc.

Optional Equipment:
Collet Chuck (CHK-[][]): 0.5 mm~6.0 mm in 0.1 mm increments and 3/32",1/8", 1/4"
Chuck Nut (K-265): For Collet Chuck (CHK)
Metal Saw Arbor (KCH-03): For 0.24" (I.D.) x 1.18" (O.D.)
Drill Chuck Arbor (DCH-J0K): For Jacob's Taper No. 0
Grindstone Arbor (AGM-03): For grinding wheel with I.D. of 5 mm

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