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Standard Abrasives Buff & Blend Wheels

Standard Abrasives Buff & Blend Wheels|escape
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Constructed of aluminum-oxide grain on non-woven fibers, these buffing wheels are excellent for removal of rust and oxidation, or blending minor surface imperfections.  The fibers provide a smooth satin finish without altering the shape of the work piece or metal contamination. Layers of materials are stacked and mounted on 1/4" shanks. Designed for use on small, straight grinders. Wheels may be used wet or dry. Packaged 10 pieces/box. 

Max. speeds: 2" - 12,000 rpm;  3" - 8,000 rpm. 
Wheels are priced individually.
Additional sizes available upon request.

Due to manufacturing variations inherent to non-woven nylon abrasives, the total thickness of the wheels may vary.
One ply of Very Fine is approximately .37"thick.
Each ply of Medium is approximately .48"thick.

  Diameter x Ply    Medium   Very Fine 
2"dia. x 1 ply BW21M BW21VF
2"dia. x 2 ply BW22M BW22VF
2"dia. x 3 ply BW23M BW23VF
3"dia. x 1 ply BW31M BW31VF
3"dia. x 2 ply BW32M BW32VF
3"dia. x 3 ply BW33M BW33VF

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