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UHT MSG32BSN Ushio Pencil Air Grinder

UHT MSG32BSN Ushio Pencil Air Grinder|escape  

For many years, Ushio air grinders have been the grinder of choice for tool rooms, deburring benches, and model shops.  This slim, pencil-shaped air grinder has a lot of power and air exhausts thru the rear overhose.  It also features a twist ring throttle at the end of the tool for speed control.

Available in 2 models:
MSG-32BSN - 1/8" Spindle
MSG-3BSN - 3.0mm Spindle
  • Max. Speed: 65,000 rpm
  • Air consumption: 4.2 cfm at recommended air pressure of 85 psi
  • Airline filter/oiler unit required for warranty, # AC20A
  • Pin & Wrench to loosen nut
  • No collets
  • Dimensions: 5/8" dia. x 6" long

    Accessories included with Ushio air grinders:
        1.5mm Air intake Hose (U4025)
        Exhaust Overhose (U4027)
        Air Fitting - 1/4NPT (U4026)

    Please select model number from the drop down menu below:

Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $298.00

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