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UHT Ushio Air Grinder Poliper System Abrasive Discs

UHT Ushio Air Grinder Poliper System Abrasive Discs|escape  

For many years, Ushio air grinders have been the grinder of choice for tool rooms, deburring benches, and model shops. Poliper system abrasive discs used for grinding and polishing. Smooth and speedy grinding operation can be made without any undercut, conjointly with the power of UHT (Ushio) small size ultra-high speed grinders.

Poliper abrasive discs have pressure sensitive backing to firmly fasten to the rigid rubber holder. Priced per pack. Each pack has a rubber holder.
Abrasive Disc

50102030 20mm x 8mm Hole 60 150 pcs
50102040 20mm  x 8mm Hole 100 150 pcs
50102050 20mm x 8m   Hole 150 150 pcs
50102060 20mm x 8mm Hole 240 150 pcs
50102070 20mm x 8mm Hole 400 150 pcs
50102080 20mm x 8mm Hole 600 150 pcs
50102100 30mm x 12mm Hole 60 130 pcs
50102110 30mm x 12mm Hole 100 140 pcs
50102120 30mm x 12mm Hole 150 150 pcs
50102130 30mm x 12mm Hole 240 150 pcs
50102140 30mm x 12mm Hole 400 150 pcs
50102150 30mm x 12mm Hole 600 150 pcs

Size 30mm  x 12mm Hole with Holder Pad
for use with Models:
MAG-093N and MAG-123N
NK90-230 and NK45-230

Size 20mm x 8mm Hole with Holder Pad
for use with Model:

Holder Pad available separately.

Please note: 
Some sizes/grits are a Non-Stock item and may take 7-10 days for delivery

Please select diameter and grit below:

SKU 50102030
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $50.30


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