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Compete NSK E3000 Series Spindle System - 60,000 rpm

Compete NSK E3000 Series Spindle System - 60,000 rpm|escape
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Control Unit Specifications
Model:  NE211
Power Source:  AC 115V
Power Consumption:  1.8A
Air Flow Volume: 1.0CFM (36-44PSI)
Weight:  6 Lb 2.77 oz.
Dimensions:  W3.46" x D5.43" x H9.37"

Brushless Motor
Motor:  EM-3060
Speed:  5,000 - 60,000 rpm
Max Output Power: 350W
Housing:  Stainless Steel (SUS416)
Weight:  11.46 oz. (w/o cord)

Motor Cord
13 ft. Motor Cord:  EMCD-3000

Spindle:  NR-3060S
Allowable Motor Speed: 60,000 rom
Weight: 9.52 oz.
CHK Collet 1/8" (PL42685)

Air Line Kit
Air Line Kit: AL-C1204

Included Equipment:
NE211 Control Unit (9775) 
EM-3060 Brushless Motor (1597)
EMCD-3000 Motor Cord (1748)
NR-3060S Spindle (1583)
PL42685 CHK Collet 1/8"
AL-C1204 Air Line Kit

SKU E3060S
UPC 742889946719


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