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Artco Boxwood Sticks

Artco Boxwood Sticks|escape
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Three grades of wood for hand or machine
lapping and polishing with diamond and
other compounds.

Rockwood is made of laminated wood,
resulting in very hard sticks that hold their
shape well and finish more agressively.

Boxwood sticks are made of select white birch
and are used for general purpose finishing.

Balsawood is a soft structured wood used for
final finishing.

Order #
1/8"Square  x 6"
BXW18RD 1/8"Round. x 6"
1/8"Round x 6" - Pointed
BXW316SQ 3/16"Square x 6"
BXW316RD 3/16"Round. x 6"
BXW14SQ 1/4"Square x 6"
1/4"Round x 6" - Pointed
5/16"Square x 6"
3/8"Square x 6"
3/8"Round. x 6"
1/2"Square x 6"
1/2"Round. x 6"

Please select from sizes below.

Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $1.40


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