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Deckel Grinder Part - Deckel Drive Belt

Deckel Grinder Part - Deckel Drive Belt|escape
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Original Style Perlon Belt New Style V-Belt New Style SO V-Belt: 5x500mm

Drive belts for the model SO Deckel grinder.

Corded perlon fibers make up the original style drive belts that provide a long lasting, vibration free operation. These are the older style, round belts used up to the year 2000.

Drive Belt for SO Grinding Spindle 60 Hz.
  4mm diameter x 480mm circumference.
  Sold individually, or in lots of five (5) on a wooden card.

The newer style V-drive belts were intruduced on grinders beginning in 2000.
V-drive Belt for SO Grinding Spindle 60 Hz.
  5/3mm wide x 500mm circumference.

SO Parts List - #28.

Drive belts for the model SOE Deckel grinder.

V-drive Belt for SOE Grinding Spindle 60 Hz.
  6/4mm wide x 425mm circumferance.
SOE Parts List - #21.

V-drive Belt for Dust Exhaust 60 Hz.
  6/4mm wide x 500mm circumferance.

SOE Parts List - #22.
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SKU 0529609
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $20.00

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