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DC200 Sonic-Cutter HSS Replacement Blades

DC200 Sonic-Cutter HSS Replacement Blades|escape
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DC200 - NSK Sonic-Cutter Spare Blade DC200 - NSK Sonic-Cutter Spare Blade DC200 - NSK Sonic-Cutter Spare Blade Pack of 40 pieces Sonic-Cutter Used Blades

Spare blades with a 30 degree angle point for the NSK Sonic Cutter system. Extra sharp tipped precision blades are made of high quality carbon tool steel with a special process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and superior edge retention.

4mm wide x 18mm long x 0.38mm thick
Made of HSS
Sold by the pack of 40 pieces
Made in Japan - (BDC-200P 30)

UPC 742889947136
Price: $6.00


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