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NSK Nakanishi HA-500 Hammer Attachment

NSK Nakanishi HA-500 Hammer Attachment|escape  

Stroke speed : 25~5,000 strokes/min
A wide variety of patterns can be produced by varying the spring pressure and hammer speed.
Light weight, pencil type grip makes the handpiece very comfortable to hold and easy to use.
Adjustable spring pressure.
Self lubricating hammer mechanism ensure excellent durability.

Included Accessories:
Wrench (7 x 5.5) : 1 pc.
Bar Wrench (K-212) : 1 pc.
Oil and Oil offer machine
Hammer Bit (For replacement) : 2 pcs.

Optional Accessories:
RE65301 Hammer Bit - 3 pcs./pack

SKU HA-500
Weight 0.00 lbs


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