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PanaVise Parts Base Mounts

PanaVise  Parts Base Mounts|escape
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PV308 Weighted Base PV310 Surface Plate Base Mount PV312 Parts Tray Base Mount PV355 Magnetic Base Mount
PV311 Bench Clamp Base Mount PV308 Weighted Base PV310 Surface Plate Base Mount & Standard Base PV311 Bench Clamp Base Mount on Table
PV312 Parts Tray Base Mount & Parts

All Base Mounts listed work with both Model #300
Standard and #305 Low-Profile Bases. All Base
Mounts include three flathead mounting screws.

Model #308 - Weighted Base Mount Features:
   Cast iron Base Mount is compact and features two
   extensions for extra stability.
   Includes four non-marring, anti-skid pads.
   Overall dimensions: 6.875" deep x 7.5" wide
   (174.6mm x 190.5mm)

Model #311 - Bench Clamp Base Mount

   Clamps firmly to anything up to 3.4375"
   (87.3mm) thick.
   Includes four non-marring, anti-skid neoprene pads
   for additional anti-slip characteristics without
   excessive tightening of the clamping screw.
   Finger grip for added convenience.
   Throat depth from center of clamping screw:
   2.3125" (58.7mm).

Model #311 - Parts Tray Base Mount Features:
   Cast aluminum Base Mount adds stability and has
   six integral parts wells with rounded and sloped
   walls for easy parts removal.
   Includes six non-marring, anti-skid pads.
   Overall diameter: 8.5" (215.9mm).
   Height: 0.75" (19.1mm).

Model #335 - Magnetic Base Mount Features:
   Perfect for attaching work holding tools on
   machinery, truck beds, tool boxes, file cabinets....
   anywhere magnets are not a problem.
   Magnet is slightly recessed into Base Mount to
   avoid scratching metal surfaces.
   Magnetic power holds up to 5 lbs. at 90 degrees.
   Overall diameter: 4.32" (2.28mm).
   Height: 0.5" (12.7mm).
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