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PanaVise Parts Jaw Sets

PanaVise  Parts Jaw Sets|escape
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PV343 Nylon Jaw Set (Non-Grooved) PV344 Nylon Jaw Set (Grooved) PV352 Teflon Jaw Set PV353 Plated Steel Jaw Set
PV354 Brass Jaw Set

Interchangeable Jaw 2 piece sets, for Model #303
Standard and Model #304 Low-Profile Heads create
the perfect Vise for the job.

Model #343 - Nylon Jaws:
   Type 6/6 Nylon Jaws offer excellent electrical
   insulation and gentle holding power.
   Continuous heat tolerance to 200degrees F,
   intermittent heat to 300degrees F.

Model #344 - Grooved Nylon Jaws:
   Same heat properties as Model #343 but with thin
   horizontal grooves, perfect for holding small tubes,
   or circuit boards firmly in place.

Model #352 - Teflon Jaws:
   Recommended for high heat applications; won't
   scratch or mar delicate pieces.
   Continuous heat tolerance to 500degrees F.

Model #353 - Plated Steel Jaws:
   Designed for firmly holding heavier objects in a
   high heat environment.

Model #354 - Brass Jaws:
   Non-marring alternative for heavy or high heat

Please select from 2 piece, Jaw sets below:

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