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Peek Premium Polish

Peek Premium Polish |escape
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Peek Premium Polish Peek Premium Polish - 100ml Tube Peek Premium Polish - 1000 ml Can Peek Premium Polish - 250 ml Can
Peek Premium Polish - 150 gram Can - Mousse (Foam)


Unique Peek® Premium Polish cleans, polishes and protects all metals, fiberglass and ceramics. Peek® a multi-purpose polish is Non-Toxic, Anti-Oxidant, contains a protective ingredient against tarnishing and is safe on skin. Use Peek® to remove years of rust, residue and oxidation from all metals.

Aviation Industry:

Excelent on cleaning leading edges, nose cones, painted surfaces, removes scratches from Perspex wind screens and helicopter bubbles, plastics, stainless steel and aluminum. Peek® protects against the elements. Approved for the World's Aerospace Industry.

Industrial Applications:

Peek® is the cure for for Plate-out on fine tooling surfaces. Use on moulds: injection, blow, extrusion, compression, etc., dies and fixtures and mould materials. Removes plate-out, oxidation and stains on surfaces of cavities and cores caused by various plastic processes Provides a high lustre on tooling materials, moulds and/or parts including plated surfaces. Shines diamond finished moulds without spiral webs, cat-tails or fine micro scratches. Cleans and shines acrylic, polycarbonite, and other resins to a surface finish far superior than the original moulded, extruded and casted surfaces.

Automotive, Trucks & Cycles:

Peek® removes heat dicoloration, rust, oxidation, watermarks and tarnish friome chrome wheels, aluminum gas tanks, mag wheels, fibreglass, glass and Perspex. Also restores surfaces discoloured by tyre cleaning products and fuel. Use Peek to polish headlight lenses with a low speed buffer or by hand.


Peek® removes tough stains from fiberglass, Perspex and glass. Eliminates tarnish, rust and oxidation from corroded alunimum, brass and stainless steel stanchions and fittings, bow rails, portholes and winches. After cleaning, Peek® leaves a tough weather-sheild to protect against saltwater corrosion.


  Order # Size   Description
P33002 100 grams  / 4 oz. Tube
P33200 100 grams  / 4 oz. 20 Tube case
P33007 250 grams / 8.5 oz   Half-pound can 
12 cans / case
P33003   1000 grams / 40 oz Two-pound can
6 cans / case
150 gram / 5.3 oz
Mousse (Foam)
12 Cans / Case

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