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Engraving Pantograph Belts

Engraving Pantograph Belts|escape
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Premium quality endless, round, treated engraving pantograph belts for extra-long wear made from Perlon Polyester. When ordering, indicate pantograph engraving machine brand and model number - Deckel, Gorton, Kuhlmann, Scripta, Alexander, New Hermes.

Pantograph belt lengths (in inches) listed below correspond to half a belt's circumference if you are measuring a broken belt. You can also use a string to temporarily recreate a broken or non-existent belt from which you can then measure the belt's length. Take into account the pantograph's belt tensioning system and various pulleys when ordering a new belt.

Belts are sold individually, but are package five belts to a card or stretch board. Special sizes not listed may be made to order with a minimum quantity of 20 belts. Made in Germany.

Please select belt size, diameter and length below:

SKU PB2.5x550
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $30.00

Belt Size

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