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Posi-Lock™ Posts

Posi-Lock™ Posts|escape
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ECI Posi-Lock Post PPS-0150 ECI Posi-Lock Post PPS-0500

The Posi-Lock™ system provides an easy to use, accurate tool alignment system. Each post comes with a wedge clamp and locking screws attached. A dowel pin aligns the wedge to stop vertical movement. Hold down bolts are attached to the T-nuts.

Each tool holder head comes with a vertical adjustment screw. To attach a tool holder head to a post, remove the adjusting screw from the head and loosen the locking screws on the post. Slide the head onto the clamp wedge, and replace the adjusting screw so that the flange of the adjusting screw is interlocked into the clamp wedge. This allows the adjusting screw to either raise of lower the head.

To fine adjust the center height, follow these steps:
• Loosen the top locking screw and lightly snug back down,
• Loosen the second screw (usually the lower screw),
• Adjust the tool up or down by turning the adjusting screw,
• Lock both locking screws tightly in place.
If you are setting live tools or require exact positioning of a tool, use a dial indicator on a mag-base to check the amount of movement.


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1.375" Adjustable Tool Base
for 1/2" center


1.625" Adjustable Tool Base
for 3/4" center


 3.5" Posi-Lock Post
for 1/2" center with live spindle 


4" Posi-Lock Post
for 1/2" center with live spindle


5" Posi-Lock Post
for 3/4" center with live spindle

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SKU ATB-1500
Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $203.80

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