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Quasar Lighting System Ultra-Violet

Quasar Lighting System  Ultra-Violet|escape
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The Quasar Lighting System is a unique patent
pending L.E.D. lighting fixture that snaps to the
front of your magnifying visor and significantly
increases visibility in any environment. Designed
for specific model magnifying visors, the Quasar
fits onto your magnifying visor perfectly without
the need for any modifications.

The L.E.D.s found in the Quasar Ultra-Violet
Lighting System™ have been specifically chosen to
give you the best possible L.E.D. lighting solution
available. Through extensive research, these L.E.D.s
were chosen for their "Long Wave" characteristics
385nm~390nm, their intensity and radiant pattern.

The Quasar Ultra Violet Lighting System™ is an
ideal lighting solution for all sorts of applications
which require the use of Black Light. Other than
simply aiding in seeing things better under
magnification, the addition of the Ultra-Violet
Lighting System helps in several Black Light
applications while maintaining a hands free
magnified view of your subject:
Dermatology - Use for fluorescing skin pigments,
    imperfections and discolorations.
Optometry - Use for UV dyes when finding debris
    in eyes.
Engineers - Use for fluorescing cracks in steel and
    leaks with UV dyes.
Forensics - Use for illuminating proteins.
Stamp Collectors  - Use for inspecting collectable
    stamps for imperfections.
Jewelers - Used for inspecting and illuminating
    flaws in gem stones.

• Super long battery life - light remains bright after
  16 hours.
• Lasts up to 96 hours continuously on a single set
   of batteries.
• Over 100,000 hour bulb life expectancy.
• The Quasar Lighting System includes:
        • Lighting system frame.
        • Retro fit attachment pins.
        • Longer screw for loupe fitted visors.
        • 2 AA batteries.
        • Battery holder.
        • Velcro strap.
        • Instruction manual.

•OptiVisor Magnifier sold separately.

SKU QL6015


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