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NSK Nakanishi AL-C1204 Air Line Kit

NSK Nakanishi AL-C1204 Air Line Kit|escape
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AL-C1204 Air Line Kit

The AL-C1204 is an ultra-clean air supply unit. Dust and moisture in the compressed air are eliminated by the 0.3 micron filter in the first stage and regulator provides accurate and stable air to the control unit. (Replaces air line kit AL-0201).

For use with the following NSK Control Units:
NE273 - iSpeed3 Series
NE246 - E4000 Series
NE211 - E3000 and E3200 Series
NE145 - E2550 Series
NE236 - E2530 Series

Included in Air Line Kit:
Air Filter - filter mesh 0.3 m
Air Regulator
Air Pressure Gauge
Air ON-OFF Valve
Hose for piping (K-275): 8mm dia. x 6 ft
For use with 6mm hose.

SKU AL-C1204
UPC 742889946429


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